The Physical Web for Business

There are endless possibilities for how businesses can use Bluetooth Beacons and associated technologies.

We’re right at the beginning or a new era, The Physical Web is going to change the way mobile users interact with the real world and your business.

In this section we explore some of the possibilities that this technology brings and offer you inspiration for your own business.

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to ready yourself for The Physical Web.

We are constantly expanding this section, if you have a business type that is not listed, please let us know via our contact us page and we’ll add more information as soon as we can.

To get you thinking, here’s a 20 minute video from Google’s Philip Shearer on The Future of Shopping – the example Philip gives is for a larger business but the idea of this technology is that it can be used by even the smallest of businesses as the hardware is very cheap.