The Physical Web comes to Chrome for Android (beta)

This week sees the great news that we’re one step closer to The Physical Web becoming part of our lives forever.

Google announced this week on The Chromium Blog that Chrome for Android version 49 will have support for The Physical Web and beacons that support the Eddystone format.

Currently this means that Chrome for Android Beta can be used for testing and development of web sites that interact with Bluetooth beacons.

Google also suggested that version 49 will be coming soon to the production edition of the Chrome for Android browser.

“Now, Physical Web developers can reach Chrome for Android users as well, starting with the Beta channel and rolling out more widely soon. When these users walk by a beacon for the first time, they’ll receive a notification allowing them to enable the Physical Web. On future encounters with beacons, users can quickly see a list of nearby URLs by tapping on a non-vibrating notification waiting for them.”
Chromium Blog, 10th February 2016

The Physical Web for Chrome for Android The Physical Web in Chrome for Android


Now’s the time for you to start developing your own solutions before this technology really takes off.  Get hold of a few beacons now and use Chrome Beta to scan for your beacons and discover how this simple but amazingly powerful technology can work for you and your business.